Saturday Lotto $21 million Superdraw has 11 winners

Sunday, 4 September 2016

There were 11 lucky tickets in Saturday night's $21 million Lotto Superdraw - but WA's brilliant run of division one success did not continue.

WA has more than 50 division one winners this year, the latest two of them picking up $700,000 each last weekend. But the 11 winners of more than $1.9 million each on Saturday night were all interstate.

The winning numbers were 40, 32, 36, 23, 28 and 7, with supplementaries 39 and 41. Interestingly of the numbers highlighted during the week as being the luckiest for Saturday draws this year - 3 (10 times), 45 (eight times) and 1, 5, 10, 20 and 24 (seven times) - not a single one came out of the barrell this week.

But there is still a valid reason for WA punters to check their tickets. There were 22 winners in the state of $11, 093.50, the prize for a division two win comprising five winning numbers and a supplementary.

A total of 184,164 WA players won a prize of some type on Saturday night.

Lotto players can now turn their attention to Tuesday night's $5 million OzLotto draw and a $6 million division one prize for Thursday's Powerball draw.