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Oz Lotto Jackpot Climbs to $40 Million

Tonight’s Oz Lotto draw, number 1308 on Tuesday, March 12, has jackpotted to a massive $40 million for the division one prize pool. It is the second time in a week that Australian lottery players get the chance to win a $40 million prize after last week’s Powerball on Thursday, March 7. The last time…

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Powerball $40 Million Jackpot – 28th February 2019

Powerball draw number 1189 to be drawn tonight, Thursday 28/2/2019, will offer up a life-changing $40 million prize pool for any winners of division one. To be able to claim all or a share of the $40 million jackpot you need to win division one. In Powerball, unlike other Australian lottery games, you need to…

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Australian Lotto – $100 Million In Jackpots This Week

$100 Million in jackpots is on the line this week in Australian lotto draws. The huge week of jackpots starts Tuesday 24th July 2018 when Oz Lotto (draw number 1275) is played with a $40 Million jackpot after going unwon for the last 5 weeks. Then on Thursday 26th July 2018 Powerball (draw number 1158)…