Mystery Winner Of $55 Million Powerball Jackpot Found

Lotto News

Australia has a new Powerball millionaire after the $55 Million jackpot from Powerball draw no. 1130 on Thursday January 11 2018 was finally claimed.

Tattslotto had no way of contacting the winner because the ticket was unregistered, and despite a number of campaigns to find the winner it was looking like they would miss the cut off and that the huge winnings would go to the
State Revenue Office Victoria.

During the time since the draw in January Tattslotto have had a number of people try to claim the winnings with stories of tickets destroyed in the wash or eaten by the dog, it was revealed today.

The numbers that won the massive jackpot were 32, 7, 5, 34, 38 and 11 with the Powerball of 12.

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