Powerball Jackpots to $50 Million – 3rd January 2019

Lotto News

The first Powerball draw of 2019, number 1181, on Thursday 3rd January will have a massive $50 Million jackpot on offer.

In order to win division one in Powerball you need to have a single game entry that has all seven numbers drawn from the first barrel plus also have an eighth number, the Powerball, that is drawn separately from a second barrel.

Because Powerball has the highest odds of winning of any of the Australian lotto games it usually results it huge jackpots like this one. And when they are won they are usually won by a small number of entries, often only one. In fact of the five major Powerball draws that were won with more than $30 million in division one, only one of those draws was split between two winners while the rest were taken out by individual ticket holders. So the takeaway is that if you do win Powerball you usually do win a life-changing amount.

For your chance to win get your tickets before Thursday night. You can even buy your official tickets online now.

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