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Powerball Jackpots to $50 Million – 3rd January 2019

The first Powerball draw of 2019, number 1181, on Thursday 3rd January will have a massive $50 Million jackpot on offer. In order to win division one in Powerball you need to have a single game entry that has all seven numbers drawn from the first barrel plus also have an eighth number, the Powerball,…

Lotto News

$100 Million In Australian Lotto Again – Oz Lotto & Powerball

$100 Million will again be on the line this week in Australian lotteries with Tuesday Oz Lotto and Thursday Powerball both offering $50 Million in their division one jackpots. Last week three lotteries offered combined jackpots of $100 Million, when Oz Lotto was at $40 Million, Powerball was at $40 Million and Saturday Gold Lotto…